What I Cooked Last Week – August 5

Last week’s lineup includes two small dinner party menus, some leftover suggestions, and a bit of unexpected comfort food in mid-August. Without further ado…


Dinner party one of two. Wanted to bake something with cream cheese (I had, and still have, a bunch in my fridge), and Smitten Kitchen’s berry filled Cheesecake Galette seemed to fit the bill, especially with the galette kick I’ve been on the past few weeks. Hers calls for blackberries and lime, but raspberries were cheaper, so I used them and lemon instead (lemon complements raspberries a bit better than lime, in my opinion). It turned out great – can’t wait until it’s full-on blackberry season and I can try the recipe as written!

cheesecake galette

For the main course, I made lamb koftë sandwiches with grilled zucchini and tzatziki. I’ll have a recipe up for that later this week! They turned out really well and worked as a great summer dinner party item – I could hang outside at the grill and talk to my friends while I worked. They also gave me a starting point for a bunch of good leftovers-based lunches later in the week.

meat patties.jpg


Lunch was leftovers round one – two of the lamb patties on a pile of spring greens mix, drizzled with tzatziki. Satisfying yet light.

This was the evening of dinner party round two. I decided on the fish sandwiches from Cravings by Chrissy Teigan. They’re… awesome. The tartar sauce the sandwiches call for is amazing, but I was feeling a second round of the sauce from Mike’s Fish Tacos. It was a great substitute. I paired them with the zucchini fries from her books, like she suggests. You can find a link to a write-up of that recipe in my Zucchini Remix roundup.

Didn’t make dessert on Monday, but my friend brought along some loganberry ice cream her mom had made and it was the perfect meal-ender.


I’d planned on just making a bunch of sautéed vegetables on Tuesday night as a fridge clear-out, but then, as per usual, I got a little carried away and ended up with a massive frittata instead. It was delicious and fit the bill perfectly – used up a bunch of amazing produce and eggs from our Spoonfull Farm CSA. I hate letting any of that stuff go to waste, so using up a whole dozen (!!!!) eggs in one swoop along with a large zucchini, a head of kale, and some beautiful red scallions felt great. I topped it with a dill-chive sour cream.


For Wednesday lunch, I topped a wedge of the frittata with a crumbled lamb patty and yet another drizzle of tzatziki. Yum!


The weather interlude gave me the opportunity to take a bit of a break from summer produce (will I regret this when I’m eating exclusively root vegetables in a few months? maybe) and get cozy with mushroom and chive fettuccine alfredo. Recipe to come for that one, and I’m also planning on writing a post about the _whys_ behind a couple of pasta-water techniques, namely salting the water and reserving some for tossing with sauce before serving.

Have a great week everyone!

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